DP Couture at Adelheid’s

Sometimes I think our culture would end if, for some myserious reason, all our coffee would suddenly vanish.

Luckily, for now, our coffee is safe – and so is our sanity. Because it is people like Adelheid, owner of a tiny café and passionate conditor in Vienna’s first district, who keep us sane. It was a really lucky coincident, then, that on a recent shoot with Denise from DP Couture we ended up in front of her store and had a nice little chat with Adehlheid.

In front of Adelheid, an artisan conditor in Vienna.
In front of Adelheid, an artisan conditor in Vienna.

Truth be told, we got a little lost looking for the right spot for our quick streetstyle shoot. Anyone who’s ever been to that part of Vienna knows, how easy it is to get lost in all the tiny nameless streets. Fun Fact: The Free Masons have their Austrian Headquarter right in the center of this labyrinth – coincident? 😉


Warming up with a couple of portraits, I discovered Denise’s impressive resumé spanning 3 different educations, several professions, and at least two cities. I say „at least“ because by that time I was already wondering if there’s anything, this fashion blogger has not yet done in her life….

Anyways, we kept shooting and walking around a little to get a few more dynamic shots of Denise using the viennese streets as her catwalk. I haven’t been shooting this much movement since my last Fashion Week, so this certainly was a welcome challenge! Denise, of course, performed brilliantly…

So go check out her Blog dp Couture and if you find yourself around Stubentor or Stephansplatz: Go have a chat with Adelheid, have some of her fantastic organic sweets and support a local busines!


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