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The Rough Edges of Fashion

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Just like with everything else in life, there comes a time, where you want to do everything differently. Because sometimes you need a break from what you know and explore all the possible versions of yourself.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed a series of strange looking images – polaroid edits, or photographs looking like they were taking with infrared film. That’s because I’ve felt the call of experimentation again. I’m still shooting a lot of clean and beautiful images. But at the same time I’m discovering my not-not-quite-so-well-behaved self.






It’s good, then, that Vienna provides me with places like the graffiti-ridden Donaukanal and models like Jules, who is up for all kinds of photographic shenanigans. Also: she has a huge wardrobe, accomodating pretty much any style! See for yourself:






Except for the last three images it was all natural, unmodified light making for a very relaxed (and fast) working atmoshpere. And even in these three images I used only a reflector (first image) or a ringlight (the other two).




From my  Portfolio

Textures of Order / Take Festival 2019

Photo-Installation für das Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Art 2019 im ehem. Sophienspital am Wiener Westbahnhof. An den Texturen, die wir tagtäglich tragen, spiegeln sich zwei Ordnungssysteme: Sie hinterlassen Spuren in uns, formen uns, entwerfen, wer wir sind – zugleich ordnen sie uns ein in der Gemeinschaft anderer. An den Texturen spiegeln sich Bindung


Trust the stories you find in your heart. For they hold a truth deeper than what is true.


Feel the light breeze of a spring morning, listen to the distant waves, and smell the salt. And now scroll on and gaze at this model’s infinite beauty.

Schloss Halbturn


NELAVIE Musikvideo „Tick Tack“

Nachdem ich bereits ein Live Musikvideo für NELAVIE produziert habe, hat sie mich nun wieder angeheuert – diesmal für eine größere Produktion zu ihrem neuen Song „Tick Tack“. Kunde: NELAVIE Konzept: martin phox & NELAVIE Video Produktion: martin phox Plattform: YouTube, Facebook Jahr: 2019 NELAVIE „Tick Tack“ Musikvideo: Video Teaser für die Pre-Buzz Kampagne:

Not convinced yet you need a new picture? Write me – I’ll do the convincing!

(I play nice. Really!)

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