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The Rough Edges of Fashion

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Just like with everything else in life, there comes a time, where you want to do everything differently. Because sometimes you need a break from what you know and explore all the possible versions of yourself.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed a series of strange looking images – polaroid edits, or photographs looking like they were taking with infrared film. That’s because I’ve felt the call of experimentation again. I’m still shooting a lot of clean and beautiful images. But at the same time I’m discovering my not-not-quite-so-well-behaved self.






It’s good, then, that Vienna provides me with places like the graffiti-ridden Donaukanal and models like Jules, who is up for all kinds of photographic shenanigans. Also: she has a huge wardrobe, accomodating pretty much any style! See for yourself:






Except for the last three images it was all natural, unmodified light making for a very relaxed (and fast) working atmoshpere. And even in these three images I used only a reflector (first image) or a ringlight (the other two).




From my  Portfolio

MA48: Hundeklo oder einfacher so

New Yorker


Nelavie Music Video

Music Video for Viennese singer-songwriter NELAVIE.

Schloss Halbturn

Textures of Order / Take Festival 2019

Photo-Installation für das Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Art 2019 im ehem. Sophienspital am Wiener Westbahnhof. An den Texturen, die wir tagtäglich tragen, spiegeln sich zwei Ordnungssysteme: Sie hinterlassen Spuren in uns, formen uns, entwerfen, wer wir sind – zugleich ordnen sie uns ein in der Gemeinschaft anderer. An den Texturen spiegeln sich Bindung

Not convinced yet you need a new picture? Write me – I’ll do the convincing!

(I play nice. Really!)

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