The Story of a Girl

As the name suggests, „creative direction“ – be it in fashion photography, advertising, fine art portraiture or any other creative endeavour – requires a direction in which you move your team. So this is the story of a girl, a modern Ronja Räubertochter, and her photographer.


The concept for this shoot was simple and derived from the location that served as the initial inspiration:

There is a girl living in the concrete underbelly of Vienna’s business and diplomatic quarters. She’s living by herself, with a curious mind, a bit of a Ronja Räubertochter. Living by herself, however, she is craving human contact. For this, the men and women in the business world above take advantage of her. Right now, she’s at the stage where she is about to realise that something is not right in the way people treat her, but cannot yet let go of her ways.




It is at this very time the photographer meets her for the first time. Neither of them is entirely sure, what to expect from the other. This dance, then, of getting to know each other, and gauging expectations is reflected in the images he takes of her.

And, finally, he discovers in his images her the tipping point between external eroticism and reflective introspection, a tipping point we all share:


Need more awesome?

From My Portfolio

Martin, you SPOILED me for every other photographer!!
– Nele


Trust the stories you find in your heart. For they hold a truth deeper than what is true.


The Flower Queen

It’s just so surreal that all those absolutely wonderful pictures have me in them..! Martin, you are an artist!
– Ellinor

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