Zombie-Pigs in Vienna

Vienna’s MA48, the municipal department of waste management, asked me to bring one of their print campaigns to the small screen: social media. So I gathered a gang of creative heroes and created a series of web shorts telling the secret story behind the print sujet: how a terrible date turned into an almost unstoppable force of Zombie-Pigs laying (literal) waste to the city, only to be led into a trap by the series‘ heroine.

Part 1: „Patient Zero – The Metamorphisis“

Part 1 was closely modelled on the print campaign: Two young people with pig-heads on a date in the park, littering. But how, we asked, does one turn into a pig?


Part 2: „Run – Litter begets litter. „

The Zombie-Pigs have multiplied and things are looking grim for our heroine…but…

Part 3: „Salvation – Vienna stays clean“

…but it only appears so! For our heroine has secretly led the Zombie Pigs into a trap and in the last minute the men & women of the MA 48 save the day.


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