30 Videos in 3 Days (yes, you read that right!)

Talk about punching above your weight!

Being a Video Creator isn’t easy at times – like when a client asks you to create 30 storytelling video spots in 3 days and as many locations (that’s about a video every half hour, for those who are as talented in math as me 😉 ) So I got together with Noah Gusenbauer, one of Austria’s most prolific YouTube Influencers, gathered a few fellow creative heroes, and did the impossible.

Our briefing was to humorously show 30 different parts of working in a hotel to teenager to look at a career in tourism from a different perspective. So we powered up our inner rascal and created a campaign around the absurd humour of YouTube pranksters:

Now, coming up with 30 different wonderfully weird ideas is easy. But if you want to execute on them using a team of 4 at an unfamiliar location you need a ridiculously rigid plan. Giving our limited time ressources we constantly filmed at to different sets at the same time, with me switching between sets for creative direction.

Backup and Culling was done on set, while editing happened off-site with constant back and forth between our cutter Olli aka ZEHIGEL.

The videos where mainly used on Facebook and Instagram, reaching 215.109 Austrian teenagers (basically the entire potential target group in Austria) and even making it onto the front webpage of one of Austria’s biggest news papers. (The headline reads: „YouTube star demolishes suite in a Viennese luxury hotel“)

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 14.20.29

So here’s a few of the videos we created during those days:




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