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Hi, ich bin Martin! Aufgewachsen in der Dunkelkammer meines Urgroßvaters, entkommen in die grünen Weiten Irlands und die mittelalterliche Idylle Konstanz‘, gereift zwischen den geschichtenerzählenden Steinmauern Oxfords. Literatur-wissenschaftler und Philosoph by training, Hedonist nach Ausrichtung, und Photograph aus Liebe. Mein Motto: veritas et venustas – Wahrheit und Schönheit!

In images we tell each others stories of our dreams, our anxieties, our strengths and weaknesses: we tell each other, who we are.


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This is me, Martin, a portrait-, fashion-, and wedding photographer currently based in Vienna. I like to take myself just serious enough to be a worthy object of my ridicule. Because everything is so much better with a bit of laughter.
I’ve received my training from several universities in Europe – including a master’s degree from the University of Oxford (which explains why I love waistcoats so much, I guess…). I have a lot of passions, but my main passion is to be inspired by all the amazing people out there doing their thing. And yes, that includes you! Trust me, I have yet to meet a truly boring person!

Don't forget to take the time to inspire others, for they will inevitably inspire you!
Don’t forget to take the time to inspire others, for they will inevitably inspire you!

And because this is an about section, here’s a few things other people have said about me and my work:

Martin, you SPOILED me for every other photographer!!

– Nele

It’s just so surreal that all those absolutely wonderful pictures have me in them..! Martin, you are an artist!

– Ellinor

I’ve never felt so beautiful!

– Lisa

Stop taking pictures and come here, talk to me!

– My Girlfriend

Contact (what are you waiting for?)

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