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  • The Story of a Girl

    The Story of a Girl

    As the name suggests, „creative direction“ – be it in fashion photography, advertising, fine art portraiture or any other creative endeavour – requires a direction in which you move your team. So this is the story of a girl, a modern Ronja Räubertochter, and her photographer.

  • Architectural Fashion at Vienna’s Donaucity

    Architectural Fashion at Vienna’s Donaucity

    I really like playing around with my camera. At a recent photoshoot with Assquakess-DJane Barbi I noticed the odd layering of buildings right next to us, and the way they all seemed to collapse towards the center, with the moon right in within a small triangle of sky. I asked Barbi to climb up a little…

  • Assquakess Lifestyle Shoot

    Assquakess Lifestyle Shoot

    Kein 4 Stunden zurückgekehrt von der Hochzeit im Schloss Halbturn im Burgenland, hatte ich auch schon den nächsten Photo-Shoot mit Barbara von Assquakess in der Wiener Donaucity. Immer mal gut, private Side-Projects durchzuziehen ‚Twas very hot, and very much fun! 😀