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  • Martin Phox @ TAKE Festival

    Martin Phox @ TAKE Festival

    After a rather long time working under the pressures of different agencies and even running one for just over two years, I was in a bit of a creative rut. Going full-time freelance was one of the things that changed things up for me. The other, was being invited to exhibit at the TAKE Festival…

  • Elena / Actor Portrait

    Elena / Actor Portrait

    I’ve always loved photographing actors. It’s so easy to tell intricate character-stories with their expressions! See for yourself below!

  • Architectural Fashion at Vienna’s Donaucity

    Architectural Fashion at Vienna’s Donaucity

    I really like playing around with my camera. At a recent photoshoot with Assquakess-DJane Barbi I noticed the odd layering of buildings right next to us, and the way they all seemed to collapse towards the center, with the moon right in within a small triangle of sky. I asked Barbi to climb up a little…