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  • What came first – brand or community?

    Communities form by telling stories about themselves – and by doing so, moving from the realm of fiction to the realm of reality Brand first, community never – that’s the unfortunate answer for most brands

  • Instagram Stories is not „storytelling“ [rant]

    Instagram Stories is not „storytelling“ [rant]

    STILL everyone keeps talking about storytelling without having a single clue about what constitutes a story. Especially now that everyone and their aunt is using „Instagram Stories“ they think they’re storytelling. If that’s you, let me tell you: You’re not! Instagram Stories is like playing with play-doh! Don’t get me wrong: I love Instagram Stories…

  • Zombie-Pigs in Vienna

    Zombie-Pigs in Vienna

    Vienna’s MA48, the municipal department of waste management, asked me to bring one of their print campaigns to the small screen: social media. So I gathered a gang of creative heroes and created a series of web shorts telling the secret story behind the print sujet: how a terrible date turned into an almost unstoppable…

  • The Story of a Girl

    The Story of a Girl

    As the name suggests, „creative direction“ – be it in fashion photography, advertising, fine art portraiture or any other creative endeavour – requires a direction in which you move your team. So this is the story of a girl, a modern Ronja Räubertochter, and her photographer.

  • A little Maybelline Christmas

    A little Maybelline Christmas

    We live in exciting times! Videography is taking over on Facebook and more and more creative forms of visual storytelling are popping up along the way. 

  • Working towards the next level: Finding Models on Instagram

    Working towards the next level: Finding Models on Instagram

    So you want to become a better portrait, fashion, or lifestyle photographer? You need to shoot more. Ergo you need to find people to shoot with. Let me show you an easy way how!