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  • NELAVIE Music Video

    Music is a marvellous thing. So seeing both this song and this video come together – through first live performances, sound production, mastering, filming and video pos-production – was a wonderful thing. Stressful at times, but wonderful. So go check out NELAVIE’s newest music video filmed by yours truly:

  • Why live music videos are the purest expression of your emotions

    Why live music videos are the purest expression of your emotions

    I’ll openly admit it here and now: it’s fun to plan a video shoot minute by minute with shot lists and call sheets, and assistants buzzing around – and seeing it all come together. But it is nothing compared to recognising yourself and your intuitions in the semi-planned camera movements of a live music video.

  • eudaimonia


    Feel the light breeze of a spring morning, listen to the distant waves, and smell the salt. And now scroll on and gaze at this model’s infinite beauty. eudaimonia, „human flourishing“, a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous. Photography & Post Production: Martin Phox Model: Marlene Oberneder / Body & Soul Vienna…

  • Elena / Actor Portrait

    Elena / Actor Portrait

    I’ve always loved photographing actors. It’s so easy to tell intricate character-stories with their expressions! See for yourself below!

  • The Story of a Girl

    The Story of a Girl

    As the name suggests, „creative direction“ – be it in fashion photography, advertising, fine art portraiture or any other creative endeavour – requires a direction in which you move your team. So this is the story of a girl, a modern Ronja Räubertochter, and her photographer.

  • Fashion Adventures in the woods.

    Fashion Adventures in the woods.

    If fashion and photography don’t tell tales of adventure, you’re doing it wrong.This is why there’s no better song to listen to while reading this than anything Regina Spektor

  • That letter you’ve been waiting for

    That letter you’ve been waiting for

    I am convinced that everyone who is naturally gifted at marketing themselves is a psychopath of Voldemortian proportions. We are quite lucky in that Voldemorts are incredibly rare. How, then, is it that everyone else seems to be soo much better at putting themselves out there than me|you|that guy we both know?

  • Smile till your face hurts!

    Smile till your face hurts!

    How to produce an honest smile on camera and convey attention & confidence.

  • Building a Model Portfolio with Nadine

    Building a Model Portfolio with Nadine

    How do you start building a model portfolio? Here’s a quick practical guide.

  • On Kindness and Honesty in Portrait Photography

    On Kindness and Honesty in Portrait Photography

    People Photography is a business of power relations. All the more reason to be kind.