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Capturing kindred spirits with Polaroid

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That’s right, polaroid! Ok, I lied – it’s not actually a polaroid.

Ever since Polaroid stopped production of their fantastic 669 Pro-Film people like me have been trying to emulate that classic film look. Now, luckily, I’ve discovered VSCO Film Pack with such beauties as the Fuji FP-100, the Polaroid 690, and – of course, the 669 Film.

LisaGürtler_fill-edit-4 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-2 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-7 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-1 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-5 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-8 LisaGürtler_fill-edit-9

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